"Spencer's staff help you find the right product, whether it's for gardening or animals. It's a great resource for us backyard chicken owners too."

-Amanda Pedro


"Spencers is packed full of goodies like local art work, great sundresses and fall sweaters, beautiful wool blankets and jewelry. From dog woods to dog food, its well worth a stop."

- Rita Crosbie


"Helpful and knowledgeable staff will go the extra mile to find you what you are looking for. It's the kind of place where the ice cream is always scooped with a friendly smile."

- Belinda Robinson


"As a newbie gardener, Spencer's is my go-to for all my questions and curiosities."

-Melissa Strachan


"Spencer’s Garden Centre has been distributing our Shur-Gain feed products for the past 20 years. They are great people to work with and have done an excellent job of helping grow and promote the Shur-Gain and Feed’s Needs brand."



"Jim contacted us several years ago to help him develop his specific grass seed formulation. Over the years we have helped his brand grow and develop. It is a pleasure working with the professional at Spencer’s Garden Center and Landscaping."



"We have been doing business with Spencer’s Garden Centers and Landscaping for years. Jim’s staff are very organized and highly professional. Great people to do business with as well as great plant people. As a side note Jim is one of the few that get my jokes and appreciates my humor. Good guy."



"We have been a key vendor for Spencer’s Garden Centre from the day they first opened. We have been there to advise and supply Spencer’s Garden Centre and Landscaping with the products needed to meet the ever changing markets. Jim and his team do a great job of putting together a product mix that allow their customer demographic to cross shop many categories of interest."